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Paige Quotes

Phoebe: Yeah. You have a better idea?
Paige: Normally, yes. But sadly, this time, no.
7x20 Imaginary fiends

Paige: Our sister is missing.
Phoebe: And there are fifty jobs on the line if the paper does not come out.
Paige: Well, you can cancel the subscription to our house if the demons don't get out.
7x17 Scry hard

Leo: Where's Phoebe going?
Paige: Probably to a mental institution.
7x21 Death becomes them

Paige: This is your idea of a rah-rah speech? You're supposed to be cheering
her up, not pushing her off the ledge!
7x16 The seven year witch

Paige: Well, it looks as if the Elders had an original thought for once, because there's no precedence for what they've done to Leo.
7x16 The seven year witch

Paige: He's actually right. Without the Wyatt force field thing ...
Chris: Ok. Do you have to keep rubbing that in?
Paige: Aren't there any therapists in the future?
6x18 Spin city

Paige: Hmm. Check it out. I can really, really only deal with one whacked-out sister at a time.
6x01 Valhalley of the dolls part 1

Piper: No. All I remember him saying is that he was leaving to become an Elder, and I wished him good luck.
Phoebe: That's it? That was your big good-bye?
Phoebe starts dialing.
Paige: Who are you calling, spells "r" us?
6x01 Valhalley of the dolls part 1

Paige: No, I can't say as I did, but it's fun, you know? I
get to work with my hands and it's kind of like nature and
best of all, there's no magic. (Lupita looks strangely at Paige.)
Paige: Markers - magic markers. I'm crazy--crazy allergic.
6x04 Dirty blondes

Paige: Well, call me butter, 'cause I'm on a roll.
6x06 Fantasies in the flesh

Piper: What the hell is going on?
Paige: Bitch later, vanquish now.
6x07 Soul sister

Piper: Ok, so you want me to add "baby-sit the sword" and "mix vanquishing
potion" to my never-ending to-do list?
Paige: Look, sword is stuck in the stone. You know it. I know it. The bad
guys know it. And nobody's gonna get it out until King Arthur pulls it out, and when that happens, there'll be lots of fireworks.
6x08 Charmed in Camelot

Leo: Because only the ultimate power on earth can handle Excalibur. That's why the Lady stayed in the lake, to insulate herself from the power of the sword.
Paige: Ok, so we should find Piper and then drown her.
6x08 Charmed in Camelot

Paige: Owww!
Leo: Feeling any better?
Paige: No, I'm pretty sure "ow" signifies that I am not, in fact, feeling any better.
6x08 Charmed in Camelot

Phoebe: Wow. A magic-free life. You're the last witch in the world I'd expect that from.
Paige: It's not magic-free. It's just ... magic-lite.
6x11 Witchstock

Paige: Ok, you go get Phoebe, I'll go get Richard.
Piper: But what if he's infected, too?
Paige: Well, I'll save him, and then I'll kill him.
6x13 Used karma

Jinny: But you cannot handle him. Nobody can. He has a flying carpet and an army of forty thieves.
Phoebe: Thirty-eight. I vanquished two.
Paige: Let me guess. He wanted a crew and a nice ride. Original for a demon's wish, eh?
6x15 I dream of Phoebe

Phoebe: What? Are you kidding me? I--I just felt -- Paige: Pissed? Phoebe: Very.
Paige: Well, as someone who's seen Carrie -- both versions-- I'd say the reunion is over.
6x17 Hyde school reunion

Paige: Well, you've heard of recapturing your youth. I think Phoebe's youth is trying to capture her.
6x17 Hyde school reunion

Paige: He's actually right. Without the Wyatt force field thing ...
Chris: Ok. Do you have to keep rubbing that in?
Paige: Aren't there any therapists in the future?
6x18 Spin city

Paige: You could've told us he was a Jedi Master warlock.
5x08 A witch in time

Leo: Because nobody knows where the fairy tale fortress is. It's location has been kept secret, even from the Elders.
Paige: Where was their infinite wisdom on the day that was decided?
5x03 Happily ever after

Piper: See? This is why we do not summon Darklighters to the house!Paige: Noted. Now what the hell is going on with your powers, lady?
Piper: I don't know. I think my half-Whitelighter baby thought that
fireworks would be prettier than demon guts.
Paige: Okay, we need to teach your also half-witch baby the joys of maiming
and killing demons.
5x04 Siren's song

Leo: I talked with the Elders. They don't know of any demon powerful
enough to manipulate Cole.
Paige: Ooh, the Elders don't know anything, what a shock.
5x07 Sympathy for the demon

Paige: No, Phoebe leaves the house to go to work. I can understand wanting a break from guys, but come on already, she's gonna wear out the batteries.
5x10 The mummy's tomb

Piper: Egypt? Phoebe is in Egypt?
Paige: On the bright side, we'll get to see the pyramids.
5x10 The mummy's tomb

Piper: Are you trying to help or are you just gonna ramble?
Paige: I'm just gonna ramble.
5x11 The importance of being Phoebe

Paige: I'd say Phoebe skipped straight from preoccupied to paranoid.
Leo: You're exaggerating.
Paige: Am I? Yesterday a balloon exploded and she stormed down here with a vanquishing potion.
5x14 Sand Francisco dreaming

Paige: Everybody is odd in San Francisco, that's why we fit in so well.
5x14 Sand Francisco dreaming

Paige: You know, this all started when El mystery mare arrived. Maybe she's a Trojan unicorn sent to suck away our magic.
5x15 Special delivery

Cronyn: Oh, don't worry, I hate good magic, fairy tales, wishes on stars, and children who believe in Santa Claus. Mortals don't know it exists, but magic infuses all their hopes and dreams.
Paige: Stand back, I think he's gonna break out in song.
5x15 Special delivery

Phoebe: "I thought I'd try again. How about Saturday night?" He is asking me
out again.
Paige: Well, if you're gonna do it, I would go with Saturday, seeing as how
we'll probably be dead by then.
5x17 Lucky Charmed

Phoebe: Wait a minute, you just said something.
Paige: I did? Was it smart?
5x18 Cat house

Paige: Ehh! Gosh, what's that smell? I hope it's not breakfast.
Piper: I'm making an herbal sleep remedy.
Paige: Oh, remind me never to get insomnia.
5x19 Naughty nymphs

Nate: I think the eighth grade sort of sucks for everybody.
Paige: Yeah, mine just kinda sucked publicly
5x20 Sense and sense ability

Phoebe: OKay, devil's advocate, until we figure out how powerful they are, we shouldn't use you as bait.
Paige: Witch's advocate, there are evil gods running around on the loose that we should eliminate before Wyatt gets home.
5x22 Oh my goddess, part 1

Elders will all be dead and we'll own the heavens. (Piper, Phoebe and Paige appear.) Who are you?
Paige: The Supremes.
5x22 Oh my goddess, part 1

Phoebe: Or how about this one. I'm gonna go check with the Elders. Do you actually thinks he checks with the Elders?
Paige: Ha! No, he probably just orbs to a sports bar and buys his buddies rounds of drinks. (in a manly voice) Yeah, my wife thinks I'm up there. Here's to the Elders.
5x22 Oh my goddess, part 1

Paige: You can't say demons followed by 'oh my god'. I'm new at this, I'm likely to panic.
4x03 Hell hath no fury

Paige: Forget that. What's life like under the sea? Does your skin get wrinkly? Does algae pose as a personal hygiene problem.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Phoebe: Look, I am not a common goldfish. I can not ignore the call of the sea.
Paige: Well, the call of the common bathtub is just gonna have to do.
5x02 A witch's tail, part 2

Paige (to Piper): Minor setback? The room is on fire! You're supposed to be figuring out a way to vanquish Necron, not yourself.
5x02 A witch's tail, part 2

Paige: Phoebe gets to fight. Phoebe gets to levitate. I - I get to cook.
4x04 Enter the demon

Glen: Who are they?
Paige: The soon to be ex-sisters I was telling you about.
4x06 A knight to remember

Paige: Thank God chivalry is dead. He is getting on my last nerve.
4x06 A knight to remember

Prince: Be with me and I shall. Come with me. Live in my castle as my princess.
Paige: What is it with everyone wanting me to move in with them?
4x06 A knight to remember

Paige: How do we get a demon to stop and chat with us.
4x07 Brain drain

Paige: Cole, you were a demon and a lawyer? Insert joke here.
4x08 Black as Cole

Paige: Yeah, but I just wanted to come back and sit on the sidelines and make sarcastic comments about my lack of style.
4x10 A Paige from the past

Paige: Okay, do you want it now or should I email it to you?
Piper: What?
Paige: My apology. You were right.
4x11 Trial by magic

Phoebe: Who knows? He said he needed some time to find himself and figure out who he was without his demon side.
Paige: What does that mean? He's off banging on drums in the woods somewhere?
4x11 Trial by magic

Cole: You know, when I was a D.A. I had an office eight times this size. Windows, an assistant... Plus I could throw energy balls.
Paige: Yeah, well, you're human now, so get used to be humble just like all the rest of us.
4x12 Lost and bound

Cole: It came with the job.
Paige: Ahh, are you a valet parker?
4x16 The fifth Halliwheel

Phoebe: I came here to help you with... Merlin.Wizard: Please, Merlin was an overrated hack. Tell me he's not the only wizard you people have heard of.
Paige: Well, does Harry Potter count?
4x19 We're off to see the wizard

Paige: So he asked me out again last night, but he was so quiet during dinner, ugh, I swear I could hear his stomach digesting.
4x21 Womb raider

Piper: Lets get this straight, you guys summoned me to a cage where my powers don't work, so we can all die together!
Paige: Well, the plan has some flaws admittedly.
4x21 Womb raider

Paige: Cole, you didn't mean to do a lot of things but they happened. You
are a one man death squad. Bodies, blood and pain follow you wherever you
5x02 A witch's tail, part 2

Paige: Phoebe doesn't love you. She things you're an evil freak with
super powers from hell and battery acid for blood.
5x02 A witch's tail, part 2

Paige: OK, but if I tell you all about Paige, and you use it against me, I will take out my voodoo doll and make you a very sorry man
4x01 Charmed again, part 1

Piper: Okay, Paige, lets go over our options.
Paige: Options? We have two: we're screwed and we're more screwed.
4x05 size matters

Phoebe: Paige, you want to come with us?
Paige: Sorry, I have to go to that evil place where they keep my paycheck.
4x16 The fifth Halliwheel

Cole Quotes:

Cole: (murmurs) Stubbornness is definitely a family trait.
7x16 The seven year witch

Cole: You've tried going upstairs twice, out the front door four times, and
through the wall five. Make that six times. But, hey, you haven't tried the chimney yet.
7x16 The seven year witch

Cole: Keep your hands off my pumpkin.
5x03 Happily ever after

Cole: Uh, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Cole! What are you doing here?
Cole: Well, I got a call from one of the tenants saying that, uh,
Wonder Woman was terrorising the landlord.
5x05 Magic wears a mask

Cole: Did you guys actually want something or did you just come to add to my misery?
5x10 The mummy's tomb

Cole: Phoebe, I love you and I don't know what's going on but maybe I can help. Would you like me to kill someone for you? Or-or your boss, perhaps?
5x11 The importance of being Phoebe

Cole: Oops, I knew I forgot something. My mother always warned me about protecting my house from orbing.
5x11 The importance of being Phoebe

Cole: (To Leo) Sam?
Leo: Her white-lighter.
Cole: Hmm. Apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree, I see.
4x01 Charmed again, part 1

Cole: Damn bounty hunters... they're like gnats.
4x02 Charmed again, part 2

Phoebe: If you had done what I asked and stayed here, you might have been able to help.
Cole: How? The minute Devlin arrived you would have sent me to my room.
4x09 Muse to my ears

Cole: It's just, I need action.
Phoebe: I kinda thought we were doing okay in that department.
Cole: Not that kind of action, Phoebe.
4x10 A Paige from the past

Paige: So this is your office. You've got a desk, a chair, a lamp, what more do you need.
Cole: Uh, oxygen?
4x12 Lost and bound

Seer: You and Phoebe Halliwell will produce the most powerful child the magical world has ever seen.
Cole: That's my boy.
4x15 Marry-go-round

Cole: I am trying to be the perfect husband. The perfect brother-in-law. It would help if I didn't have demons waving at me from the dance floor.
4x16 The fifth Halliwell

Seer: What do you mean she wouldn't eat it?
Cole: I mean I thought shoving it down her throat might be a little suspicious.
4x16 The fifth Halliwell

Cole: I'm a one woman demon.
4x17 Saving Private Leo

Phoebe: Let's see... Leo lost his powers and then Piper died and it got really dicey when she turned into a ghost but everything worked out.
Cole: Glad it was nothing serious.
4x17 Saving Private Leo

Paige: I gotta ask, why is it so dark in here in the middle of the day?
Cole: Migraine. Which you're only adding to.
4x18 Bite me

Cole to Phoebe: You're sexy when you're mad, you know.
5x11 The importance of being Phoebe

Phoebe: Something good happened. Can't you just accept that?
Cole: It's not in my nature.
3x01 Honeymoon's over

Cole: I needed you to hear me.
Phoebe: Go to hell.Cole: I was just there. I didn't mean to stay so long, but I needed to gather enough powers to execute ...
Phoebe: Execute who? Huh? Execute who?
Cole: My plan. I'm here to redeme myself.
5x01 A witch's tail

Cole: (to himself) I'm sorry but we have to stop seeing each other, okay. Why? Because, because I have to kill you that's why. Smooth.
3x07 Power outage

Cole: Still think you should have worn that pretty, little red dress drying on the line.
Prue: Yeah, it was a prostitute's dress. Not exactly the kind of impression I wanted to make. At least I'm not wearing some dead guy's clothes.
Cole: Hey, I thought you'd be pleased. At least I'm playing the role of a good guy.
3x14 The good, the bad and the cursed

Cowboy: Looks like you're outta bullets. I'm gonna enjoy this. See you in hell.
Cole: Been there, done that.
3x14 The good, the bad and the cursed

Darryl and Cole talking over each other:
Darryl: Its bad enough I have to clean up after the sisters...
Cole: I'im just trying to fit in as a human here, but I have no ID, no job...
Darryl: Doesn't anyone ever say thankyou?
Cole: I can't even go to the grocery store without getting arrested...
Darryl/Cole: It just sucks!
4x10 A Paige from the past

Phoebe: Are you coming?
Cole: To vanquish your sister? I think I'll sit this one out.
4x03 Hell hath no fury

Cole: Inspector, you're in a room with three witches and a demon, do you really think that gun's gonna help?
4x01 Charmed again, part 1

Prue: Yeah. I kicked ass.
Cole: No, you kicked air.
3x16 Death takes a Halliwell

Cole: Oh, no no no. Last time I touched that book it electrocuted me.
Phoebe: Yeah, will, maybe because your intentions were evil. Maybe it knows now you're trying to be good.
Cole: Better safe than sorry.
3x16 Death takes a Halliwell

Phoebe: (about Paige and Shane) All right, any ideas?
Cole: A couple.
Phoebe: I meant about what we do now.
4x01 Charmed again Part 1

Phoebe: All right, hold it. Wait just one minute. Are you telling me, that that girl, our innocent, is really… our sister?
Patty: Your baby sister.
Grams: Their baby half-sister.
Patty: But by my half, which makes her a sister witch. Well, actually, not yet anyway. Not until all three of you are here together by the Book. Just like before.
Grams: Charmed. Again.
Cole: And I thought my family was screwed up.
4x01 Charmed again Part 1

Cole: Phoebe, I went from all powerful demon to mereble overnight.
Phoebe: You are not mere. Baby, you are anything but mere.
Cole: Next to the Charmed Ones I'm a potted plant.
4x10 A Paige from the past

Leo: Shut Up Cole!
Cole: Why, so you acn consintrate on the floor boards?
4x09 Muse to my ears

Leo Quotes

Leo: Whoa, what-what are you doing?
Paige: You know, just preparing for the Source.
Leo: Oh, is he coming over for dinner?
4.04 Enter the demon

Piper: Okay, look, we are going to get through this.
Leo: I know we are. But you, yourself, said it was going to take time, okay? And when I do, I need you to be supporting me, you know, not drown the
7x17 Scry hard

Piper: Hello! We're home! (to Leo) Traffic was horrible. We should've been home an hour ago.
Leo: Well, we wanted a normal life. Afraid that means we give up the cosmic taxi.
7x21 Death becomes them Leo: You had to kill a Valkyrie. Whitelighters don't kill, or did you not read the manual?
6x06 Fantasies in the flesh Leo: But what if he blows us up first?
Piper: Well, you're already dead, what's the difference.
Leo: The difference is that I don't want you to join me.
3x21 Look who's barking

Leo: Uh Paige, since when are pre-natal yoga and home birthing videos your idea of a good time?
5x06 The eyes have it

Leo: Based on my experience, one's a premonition, two is a pattern.
5x08 A witch in time

Piper: Okay, so we're going back. What if it takes us too for back?
Leo: Well, we could wind up with tails.
5x08 A witch in time

Leo: Damn it, Paige. I would appreciate it if you didn't practice on me. I may be dead but it still hurts!
5x12 Centennial Charmed

Witch Doctor: Sure these are good witches that live here?
Leo: The best. Although, one of them is going to go very evil on us if we don't get this room cleaned up in a hurry, believe me.
5x13 House call

Paige: Well, ghosts can still feel pain. Maybe I can just orb his testicles somewhere.
Piper: Paige, there will be no talk of testicle orbing in front of the child.
Leo: And not around his daddy either.
5x21 Necromancing the stone

Leo (to Phoebe): We would've told you how proud we are of you, but you never slow down to give us a chance.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Leo: Okay, excuse me, can we refrain from blowing up demons in the nursery?
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Piper: Did you find the sea hag?
Phoebe: Now that you mention it there was a stench under the water.
Leo: That could be the sewage treatment plant.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Leo: Right, the Source sends out his personal assassin, but doesn't know who he's after?
4x01 Charmed again, part 1

Leo: I'd prefer that Cole wouldn't use his demonic powers on my wife.
4x03 Hell hath no fury

Piper: Are you siding with Paige now?
Leo: Hey, there's no sides. And, yes.
4x05 Size matters

Leo is dabbing Phoebe's wound with a cloth.
Phoebe: Ouch.
Leo: Sorry, I was a medic, not a vet.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 2

Leo: Look, I can orb you because you're my wife but I'm not a cosmic taxi for the whole family.
3x16 Death takes a Halliwell

Leo: Whitelighter. Is that my occupation or should I just put guardian angel?
3x20 Exit strategy

Leo: Uh, she's at the manor recovering from a little problem we had at the passport office.
Prue: What problem?
Leo: Uh, well, she sorta blew some of it up.
3x20 Exit strategy

(in the bathroom)
Piper: See, we finally found a place where we can be alone.
Leo: Yeah, his is perfect. Now all we have to do is move all our stuff in here and nobody will bother us.
3x17 Pre-Witched

Prue: You know, besides, a wedding invite definitely makes a statement.
Leo: That he can tie a bow tie?
3x13 Bride and gloom

Prue: Leo, don't even try to figure it out, alright? It's a Cinderella complex. Every girl goes through it. I've been dreaming of this day my entire life.
Leo: Piper's wedding?
3x13 Bride and gloom

Phoebe: A little bit of both. We thought the good guys were bad guys, and in trying to vanquish them, we helped the real bad guys, which were dead ringers for good guys.
Leo: Was that English?
3x10 We all scream for ice-cream

Leo: Well, not to sound all whitelightery but everything happens in its own time. You can't rush what's to be.
2x22 Be careful what you witch for Leo: Ever planning on unfreezing the neighbours?
3x07 Power outrage Piper: I think we got too many boxes.
Leo: No, we didn't.
Piper: You only live on this planet for a time and there is no way we need all of these boxes just for me.
Leo: Yes, we do.
Piper: Are you saying I have too much stuff?
Leo: Yes, I am.
Piper: You do realize that the only reason I'm letting you get away with that is because you're the only one on my side right now?
Leo: Yes, I do.
3x17 Pre-Witched

Leo: Maybe I'd better go check with the elders and see if they know how to vanquish a Banshee.
Phoebe: Wait a minute, don't tell me you're afraid of Prue.
Leo: Yeah.
3x21 Look Who's Barking

Paige: Since when does Phoebe care about bacon?
Leo: I'm sure she meant all breakfast meats.
4x12 Lost and Bound

Piper: I don't understand how you can keep healing innocents, but you can't figure out a way to heal yourself.
Leo: It's kind of hard to heal myself when I'm knocked out.
4x02 Charmed again Part 2

Piper: Do not go into that house. Did you hear me? I said do not go in! (Paige leaves.) It is like talking to a wall.
Leo: She's got the Halliwell hearing.
4x05 Size matters

Leo: She was to fast... and slippery.
5x02 A Witches Tail Part 2


Alchemist: Hmm. So many bodies. It's a shame to take just one.
Zankou: Well, business first, pleasure later.
7x21 Death becomes them

Adult Wyatt (about baby Chris): Is this before or after he swallowed that marble?
7x20 Imaginary fiends

Zankou: So this is Magic School. How quaint.
7x22 Something wicca this way goes

Phoebe: (to phone) Elise, where have you been? I've been trying to reach you all day.
Elise Rothman: (from phone) That's funny. I've been trying to avoid you all day.
7x17 Scry hard

Chris: Uh ... Leo's not much of a factor.
Paige: What does that mean?
Chris: I'd rather not talk about it.
Piper: Future consequences?
Chris: More like future issues.
6x18 Spin city

Chris: We need Phoebe.
Piper: No. I don't want to interrupt her date with Mark.
Paige: Actually, it's Mike this week.
Chris: No, it's Mitch, but who cares? We need her.
6x18 Spin city

Chris: If we don't do something soon, I could end up half-fireman instead of
6x15 I dream of Phoebe

Phoebe: No, we are not gonna make Piper and Leo sleep together. Ok? We're
gonna do this my way, mister!
Chris: “Master".
6x15 I dream of Phoebe

Chris: I have completely forgotten about me. This month is my conception date. That's where I've been. Oracles, fortune tellers, soothsayers - they
all say the same thing. If mom and dad don't screw this month, I'm screwed.
6x15 I dream of Phoebe

Mabel Stillman: There's nothing wrong with Phoebe's powers,
Mitzy Stillman. You'll be able to levitate.
Mabel Stillman: Yeah, six feet in the air. Margo will be orbing around the world.
Margo Stillman: I'll send postcards.
6x04 Dirty blondes

Gith: You must think I'm pretty low on the evil-utionary ladder.
6x06 Fantasies in the flesh

Margo Stillman: Let's go, let's go! I'm dying to orb
someplace far away and exotic, like Fort Lauderdale.
6x04 Dirty blondes

Chris: Ok, look. Before you get mad, you were the one who wanted me to have a charge in the first place. Remember?
Leo: Yeah, to protect her.
Natalie: Oh, he was using protection.
6x03 Dragon's heat

Elise: Don't let your readers hear you say that. Who wants to take advice
from the woman who's divorcing Superman?
5x04 Siren song

Elise: "Dear Phoebe, my career is on the fast track, I'm wildly popular and the money is pretty damn good. What should I do?"
Phoebe: Stop whining?
Elise: Damn, you are good.
5x06 The eyes have it

Samuel: A little advice, you need to work up a cover. Didn't you read the Whitelighter manual?
5x09 Daddy dearest

Phoebe/Isis: The witch's knowledge was very useful.
Jeric: Then by all means, reward her. Send her spirit into the afterlife.
5x10 The mummy's tomb

Saleel: One witch. Quick quiz, how many should I have?
Jayda: Three.
Saleel: Zero! They should all be dead, I never asked for prisoners.
5x17 Lucky Charmed

Phoebe: One more question. What are you wearing under that robe?
Roland: More robes.
5x22 Oh my goddess, part 1

Paige: Uh, Craig? Craig Wilson?
Craig: Yeah.
Paige: I have a message for, Mylie sent me.
Craig: Let me guess. She sent me a singing telegram. No-no, strip-a-gram, that's more Mylie's style. Shocking and unexpected.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Piper: Wh-? What an idiot. Doesn't every demon know by now who's house this is?
Wizard: Oh, you're the touchy one aren't you? I've heard about you. Peeper?
4x19 We're off to see the wizard

Paige: Alright. Piper, I think I like the other kitchen better. This is an illusion, right?
Wizard: Please, tell me she's not the brains of the family.
4x19 We're off to see the wizard

Angels of Destiny: We Angels of Destiny normally don't intervene except in extraordinary situations. Mozart at age seven, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein... Britney Spears.
4x22 Witch way now

Paige: No offence, but, uh, aren't you supposed to be dead?
Grams: Oh, I'm over that.
5x03 Happily ever after

Grams: That's okay. I don't stay dead long.
5x03 Happily ever after

Grams: Well, there's no wrath like a witch scorned, I always say.
5x21 Necromancing the stone

Grams: Well, just remember, if love is the quest then marriage is the conquest. This place must be like victory.
3x15 Just Harried

Piper: Do it and you pull back a bloody stub.
Paige: She's a little sensitive right now.
Darryl: I can see that.
5x10 The mummy's tomb

Darryl: Wait, hold on a second. I left four messages here, has anybody in this house learned the magic of a telephone?
4x21 Womb raider

Darryl: What happened? Where's Phoebe?
Cole: She ran off.
Darryl: You're lucky that's all she did.
5x01 A witch's tail, part 1

Darryl: Okay, where is this baby that everybody keeps talking about? Is it an invisible baby? Am I gonna step on it?
4x21 Womb raider

Piper: Look at all these interview requests we're getting. Ted Coppell, Time Magazine, Jerry Springer... Sports Illustrated?
Darryl: Yeah, they probably want you for the swimsuit edition. Just kidding.
3x22 All hell breaks loose

Prue: So did you get anything out of him?
Darryl: Just a migraine.
3x12 Wrestling with demons

Medical: Trouble focusing? Headache?
Darryl: I'm telling you I'm fine. Only thing wounded is my pride.
3x01 Honeymoon's over

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